Ioanna Karystiani

Kastaniotis, 2006
ISBN: 960-03-4311-Χ

A veteran skipper stubbornly persists at the helm as he travels between China and Australia and tries to forget the wife and children that he deserted years ago in Greece. A hard-bitten man who can rule his crew with a mere glance, the hero also has a store of tenderness deep within. But everything changes when he sees his life take an unexpectedly happy turn.
Ioanna Karystiani portrays the isolation of life on board, both during lulls and in rough weather, when everything is put to the test. Swell explores the power of fate to bring about change and to reward the insistent defence of dignity. It reveals the power of a love that can endure long separation to bloom again, and the strange relationship between father and son, who go from mutual ignorance to a redemptive recognition of each other.

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