Sofia Zarambouka

Metaixmio, 2010
ISBN: 978-960-501-015-7

A scrappy pack of stray dogs roam downtown Athens in Mina, the first in a new series, Sofia Zarambouka’s Strays. Their adventures offer a dog’s eye view of everyday life in the city, amid the monuments and the neighbourhoods that reflect its storied existence. When Mina fancies a snack, she suggests the gang collect scraps discarded by students at the rally commemorating the Polytechneio uprising against the dictatorship. The others demur. Is it because they don’t want to leave the upscale environment of their usual haunt outside the Athens Academy for less salubrious quarters, or are they just too lazy to move? Eventually Mina persuades them, and off they go on a jaunt that includes the Parliament, the Archaeological Museum, the National Gardens and a surprise adoption for Mina by writer Alki Zei. En route they comment on the history of the sites and the strange ways of humans.

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