India, Colours of Life
 Xenia Gouma-Lekanides

Kastaniotis, 2007
ISBN: 960-03-4473-6
ISBN13: 978-960-03-4473-8

The colours and the people were what struck photographer Xenia Gouma-Lekanides when she travelled to India. Her book, India, Colours of Life, reveals that fascination. A series of images show women doing their laundry in a river. The contrasting patterns and hues of the garments hung over a railing to dry above the water, the grace and dignity of the washerwomen as they pursue their humble task, the naked children helping them, and the harmony of water, flesh and stone are typical of the images that attracted Gouma-Lekanides. Farm workers in scarlet saris look like bright flowers in a field. Flower-sellers make brilliant garlands of marigolds in the street. A shepherd in a plain white dhoti sports an elaborate orange turban and an infectious grin. A street musician perches on a red cushion. And everywhere, women as graceful as caryatids carry bowls, baskets, bundles, everything, on their heads.

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