Creative Photography in Archaeology
 Photographer: Sokratis Mavrommatis

Benaki Museum, 2008
ISBN13: 978-960-476-006-0

The remains of antiquity have always inspired photographers. How their approach has evolved is the subject of Creative Photography in Archaeology, which accompanied an exhibition at the Benaki Museum. Archaeologists and travelers were the first to use the new medium of photography to record the glories of the past. In the introduction, curator Kostis Antoniadis notes the shift away from strict documentation to a more creative use of photography when technical innovation removed the constraints imposed by early cameras, which could not control light. Superb images illustrate his argument. In the early twentieth century Fred Boissonas combined expertise and aesthetics. Later, Walter Hege and Herbert List chose dramatic, idealised shots, while Goesta Hellner’s legacy of accuracy and beauty found a successor in the photographs of Sokratis Mavrommatis, which emphasise composition and texture. Other articles address subjects such as truth and photography, and the image of Greece. The photographs speak for themselves.

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