Whose Soup Is This?
 Makis Tsitas

Illustrated by Eliza Vavouri
Psichogios, 2005
ISBN: 960-274-881-8

A picture book for children aged four and over, Whose Soup Is This? by Makis Tsitas follows Chryssoula’s flight of fancy when she is confronted with a bowl of soup that doesn’t tempt her. Rather than refuse it outright, she sets out to find its rightful owner. One by one she questions various members of her family, who all disclaim ownership of the dish. So eager is she to unload the offending item that she ventures into the street, proffering the soup to neighbours and a passing postman, all to no avail. Back at home, where even her dolls refuse to accept ownership, Chryssoula is on the point of throwing the soup into the rubbish bin when her mother intervenes.
Engaging illustrations by Eliza Vavouri play with amusing angles – now showing the action from a child’s eye view, now from above or below - and capture the playful innocence of the young protagonist.

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