An Almost Blue Hand
 Rhea Galanaki

Kastaniotis, 2004
ISBN: 960-03-3754-3

Though crushed by the iron necessity of history and the dictates of the times, individuals attempt to escape from reality through meditation and dreams in An Almost Blue Hand. Even when trapped within larger social contexts that have their own mandatory objectives, the individuals retain some modicum of freedom.
Rhea Galanaki has been a pioneer in the renewal of the historical novel in Greece during the past decade. The short stories in this collection, which has won the 2005 State Awards for short stories, were written at the same time as her novels.
Poor migrants roam an inhospitable city; moonstruck souls are gently startled by ghosts of the past; existential questions without answers and sudden sexual reminiscences allow passion to burst out in all its force.
Historical and mythological time clash, and a poetic vision and mood pervade the narrative, liberating the world from its realistic confines. The setting is contemporary and everyday, in what is only superficially an uneventful and indifferent era.

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