Aromatic Cuisine
 Vangelis Driskas

Patakis, 2004
ISBN: 960-16-1390-0

Popular Greek chef Vangelis Driskas shares the secrets of using herbs and spices to make delectable dishes in his award-winning book, Aromatic Cuisine. He starts by explaining their origin, use and storage, then offers hundreds of recipes with 50 menu suggestions, and concludes with a section on aromatic dough mixes, marinades, oils and drinks.
Including herbs and spices from around the world as well as the Greek classics, Driskas conveys his love of good fresh ingredients in ingenious recipes that tease the taste buds yet are easy to make.
Roast vegetables with aioli and saffron, octopus with ouzo, millefeuille flavoured with mastic and served with a fig sauce, granita with vodka and red pepper are just a few examples of the piquant treats he describes.
Lavish colour illustrations by Andreas Efstathiou not only decorate the book but also inspire readers to try their hand at some of the dishes.

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