Recipes of the Aegean
 Argyro Barbarigou

Livanis, 2007
ISBN: 960-14-1406-1
ISBN13: 978-960-14-1406-5

Recipes of the Aegean shows how to make the dishes that won author Argyro Barbarigou a devoted clientele for the restaurant she and her husband started on the Cycladic island of Paros and transferred successfully to Athens. Some of the classic recipes of Paros use chickpeas to make stew and rissoles. Simple but tasty pies made of wild greens or prawns have a crunchy, easy-to-make crust. A zucchini and yoghurt pie without a crust makes a light summer dish. A delicious mixture of herbs and cheese fill zucchini flowers. There’s fish and seafood in salads and soups, baked and grilled. And to go with everything there is olive oil, herbs and spices ground on the spot. Try skaltsounia, the traditional Christmas almond pastries of Paros, pastry cases with an orange, cinnamon and clove-flavoured almond filling and sprinkled with castor sugar. To end a meal, there’s a potent strawberry liqueur.

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