Greek Gastronomy: 34 Greek Chefs Create
 Editor: Thymios Voulgaris

Hot Pepper, 2006
ISBN: 960-88238-1-1
ISBN13: 978-960-88238-1-5

Greek Gastronomy: 34 Greek Chefs Create offers an extended sample of the range and creativity of Greek chefs working today. Imagination and a willingness to experiment coupled with preference for fresh, healthful produce underpin the recipes. Two examples from the 34 chefs give a foretaste of the menu. As Dimitris Agorastos puts it, the magic of flavour in Mediterranean cookery comes from the proper balance of simple ingredients. His suggested meal starts with a savoury carpaccio of rockfish marinated in citrus juice with a sea urchin dressing, and comes to a sweet conclusion, praline parfait with chocolate sauce, vanilla and the aroma of mastic from Chios. And Panagiotis Alexopoulos declares: ‘Cooking is like love: You have to do it with passion or not at all’. He recommends an Aegean symphony of seafood and vegetables. Masses of color photographs illustrate the chefs at work and the tasty products of their labours.

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