Ilias Mamalakis
 Come Into My Kitchen, Issue No 27
Mageirikon: A Book of Recipes and Inspirations, Issue No 46

Ilias Mamalakis was born in Athens. He studied economics and worked for many years as an executive in multinational companies. At around the age of 40 he began cultivating his love of cookery. He has written eight books (including a novel) based on cookery and the good life, and has produced a CD of recipes and fairy tales. He is a regular contributor to various magazines such as the Greek edition of Elle, Eleftherotypia's Gourmet, Tiletheatis and specialist gastronomy publications. He also works on design products for factories. He was the main presenter of the programme Into the Kitchen Fast on Mega Channel for three years, and since 1997 he has had a daily recipe programme on Skai radio. For the past three years he has had a television programme – Indulgence and Forgiveness – about food and culture, that travels throughout Greece, the Mediterranean and Europe. In 2006 he won an award for the best television series at the Gourmet Voice International Festival in GAP Cannes. Mamalakis is a member of Slow Food, the Wine Journalists' Union and the French Academy of Gastronomy.