Athina Kakouri
 Ghost Hunter, Issue No 27
Xifir Faler, Issue No 46

Athina Kakouri was born in 1928 in Patras, where she grew up in a family with the traditional Cephallonian appetite for action, knowledge and beauty. After spending the Occupation in Athens, she moved to Vienna, where she studied modern history. In 1976, she went abroad again, and for 15 years divided her time among America, Greece and Germany. She now lives in Athens. She has worked in a shipping firm, a travel agency and in tourism. She wrote for Tahydromos magazine for many years, and has written a radio series, as well as columns for newspapers and periodicals. She has translated foreign literature and history and has published five collections of short stories and eight novels. Her novel Primarolia, 1998, won the Nikiforos Vrettakos Award, and her novel Thekli won the 2005 State Fiction Award.


In French:

Le couteau de la fortune. translated by Marie Isabelle Bourlis. Paris: Alteredit, 2005.413p.
ISBN: 2-84633-085-9 ISBN-13: 978-2-84633-085-5
Original title: Tis tychis to machairi.
Notes: Previous edition: 2002