Petros Martinidis
 God Protects Atheists, Issue No 15

Petros Martinidis teaches the theory of architecture and theatre design at Aristotle University, Thessaloniki. He has also taught in the visual arts and theatre department of the university’s Fine Arts School.
His books include Semiology of Perception and Theories of Architecture (Technical Chamber of Greece, 1979), In Defence of Paraliterature (Polytypo 1982, revised ed. Ypodomi 1994), Words in Architecture and Scientific Thought (Smili, 1990), Comics, Art and Techniques of Illustration (ASE, 1990, revised 1991), The High Art of Despair: on Arkas’s Lifer (Ypsilon, 1992).


In Italian:
I falsi di Parigi, translated by Maurizio de Rosa
Milan: Crocetti editore, 2003. 216pp.
ISBN: 88-8306-127-6
Original title: Kata sirroin