Issue No 53, January - June 2010
Anthology of 20th Century Greek Short Stories
Thanassis Niarchos
Short stories
A representative short anthology
Anyone’s Time
Dimitris Nollas
Greek terrorism past and present
Ersi Sotiropoulos
The unknown life of a city.
The Jewish Bride
Nikos Davvetas
The imprint of history on the sanitized present
The Man That Women Loved
Filippos Filippou
The high life in a crime novel
Eleni Giannakaki
Extreme voyeurism
How the Assyrians Commit Suicide
Dimitra Christodoulou
Irony, self-mockery, ambivalence
Greek Witches in Venice: 16th-18th century
Dionysia Gialama
Non fiction essays
Hunting Greek witches in Venice
Von Kourabies versus Count Melamakaronis
Kyriakos Haritos
Daniela Stamatiadi
Children´s book
An annual showdown takes a surprise turn
The Giraffe with the Seven Tails
Chrysanthi Protopsaltou
Illustrator: Natalia Kapatsoulia
Children´s book
Shopping till you drop, giraffe style.
Stories for Curious Children
Christos Boulotis
Illustrator: Vassilis Papatsarouhas
Children´s book
What-if stories for the inquisitive
The Diary of an Anorexic
Myrto Pitaouli
Children´s book
Powerful memoir of a hard-won recovery
Strangers in the Aegean
Syrmo Mihail
Illustrator: Myrto Delivorria
Children´s book
A story of outsiders
Wildflowers of Greece
Niki Goulandris
Non fiction albums
A botanical treasury
Cornerstones of Flavour: Tradition and Gastronomy of Naxos
Dimitris E. Papadopoulos
Local customs and delicacies associated with Lent, Easter, Christmas, weddings and rural events like the vintage.