Issue No 5, September 2005
The Orleans Method
Evgenia Fakinou
A girl falls into a deep sleep whenever she encounters threats, real or imagined, in Evgenia Fakinou’s latest novel, The Orleans Method.
Dimitris Sotakis
An amateur musician who finds himself unjustly accused of a mistake enters a Kafkaesque nightmare in Discord by Dimitris Sotakis.
I’d Like
Amanda Michalopoulou
Short stories
Amanda Michalopoulou’s short stories in I’d Like spin alternative takes on plot and character into an over-arching narrative.
Penne with Ink
Yiannis Efstathiadis (Apicius)
Short stories
Apicius blends the delights of gastronomy with literature, cinema and the visual arts in Penne with Ink.
Journey in the Light and Shade of Greece
Dimitris Letsios
Non fiction albums
Dimitris Letsios takes us on a visual tour of the land he loves in Journey in the Light and Shade of Greece.
When the Ball has Wild Dreams
Christos Boulotis
Illustrator: Fotini Stefanidi
Children´s book
Wishes come true in satisfying ways in the magical world of When the Ball has Wild Dreams, written by Christos Boulotis and illustrated by Fotini Stefanidi.
Aromatic Cuisine
Vangelis Driskas
Vangelis Driskas shares the secrets of herbs and spices to add flavour to old and new recipes in Aromatic Cuisine.