Issue No 1, April 2005
Innocent and Guilty
Maro Douka
Maro Douka explores the unbearable burden of memory in Innocent and Guilty.
The Novel of Xenophon
Takis Theodoropoulos
The last days of classical Athens are re-imagined in The Novel of Xenophon by Takis Theodoropoulos.
Athens, Capital of the Balkans
Petros Markaris
Short stories
Incomers clash with insiders on the mean streets of Athens, Capital of the Balkans by Petros Markaris.
Homeric Megathemes
Dimitris Maronitis
Non fiction essays
Homeric studies reveal the scope of contemporary Greek classical studies in Homeric Megathemes: War, Homilia, Homecoming by Dimitris Maronitis.
The Disappearance of Dorothy Snot
Petros Hatzopoulos
Children´s book
Super sleuth Cornelius Crick investigates a suspected kidnapping in The Disappearance of Dorothy Snot, for children 8 and over.
The Sculptures of the Parthenon
Alkistis Choremi-Spetsieri
Non fiction albums
See an unprecedented wrap-around view of one of the world’s supreme cultural monuments in The Sculptures of the Parthenon.
Symbolic Plants of the Olympic Games
Anneta Rizou
Sophia Rizopoulou
Non fiction essays
History and myth resonate in the superbly illustrated Symbolic Plants of the Olympic Games.