The Girls in the Square
 Maria Gavala

Polis, 2006
ISBN: 960-435-096-X

Five very different people meet through a series of coincidences in the same place, on the eve of the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004. The heroes of The Girls in the Square are either fey or live on the margins of society.
A police officer who is slightly disturbed in his mind tries to arrest a dangerous criminal, who has just escaped from prison, with the assistance of a painter and a travelling dancer, while a rag picker also becomes part of the game.
This crime story is an occasion for the author to sketch lively, multi-dimensional portraits. The external events – the hunt for the criminal – gradually reveal the inner worlds of the protagonists who, as the plot unfolds, gain maturity and learn to face up to themselves.
Scenes full of fantasy add an extra dimension to the conventional realism

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