The Little Donkey that Drank the Moon
 Christos Boulotis

Hestia, 2005
ISBN: 960-05-1217-5

Christos Boulotis has mastered the classic fairytale blend of fantasy, magic and horror. The Donkey that Drank the Moon is set in a country where the moon has refused to shine ever since a forebear of the present king slew its beloved deer with silver horns. The moon reappears when Fengarenia, the young daughter of a pastry-maker, starts drawing its image with a magical twig that a fairy gave to her father.
The people are delighted but the selfish ruler decrees that none of them may look at it, on pain of decapitation. Fengarenia goes deep into the forest where she can watch the moon in secret. One night, when her little donkey is drinking from a pool, he swallows the moon’s reflection, which keeps shining inside him. The story of their capture and escape to a country where the moon belongs to everyone is attractively illustrated by Fotini Stefanidi.

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