Alkistis Choremi-Spetsieri

Militos, 2009
ISBN: 978-960-464-125-3

The monuments on and around the Acropolis in Athens and the treasures in the new Acropolis Museum reflect a long and complex history. This volume celebrates them in color photographs and elucidates the background.
For all their antiquity, many of the museum’s exhibits have not been seen for some time or not quite like this. Retrievals from storage, and the space and layout of the museum allow visitors to see statues in the round. A striking example is the Caryatids, whose elaborately braided hair, part of the structural support for the Erectheion temple, is now on show in all its glory.
Horemi-Spetsieri brings a lifetime’s experience as an archaeologist to a very readable account that starts with the first Neolithic settlement on the Acropolis and includes the Ancient and Roman agoras, the Pnyx, Philoppapou Monument, Hadrian’s Library and the theatres of Dionysus and Herod Atticus.
It’s a book to keep.

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