Ilios’s Talent
 Chrysanthi Karaiskou

Diaplasi, 2010
ISBN: 978-960-6864-47-6

An inconvenient ray of sunshine at his christening gives Ilios an awkward start. If his godmother and godfather weren’t distracted by the sun in their eyes during the ceremony, they might have been paying more attention when the priest asked for the baptismal name. Instead, he hears them muttering about the problem intruder – ‘Ilios’ the Greek word for sun – and the boy acquires an unusual name that makes life tricky for him at school. A kindly teacher, trying to protect him from teasing, tells Ilios he must have a special talent to go with his special name, unintentionally triggering an accident-prone quest for that talent. Failed projects include a petrol-powered wheelchair for his brother that ends in a tremendous explosion. This refreshingly anarchic tale suggests that Ilios’s true talent lies in following his own path.
Katerina Veroutsou’s illustrations capture the world as seen by its wayward young hero.

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