Will You Go to Sleep?
 Aristeidis Michalopoulos

Erevnites, 2010
ISBN: 978-960-368-488-6

Forget the idealized image of a loving parent reading a cherubic child to sleep. These are bedtime tales with a difference. Sibling stories. Two brothers share a bedroom, the scene of a nightly skirmish. The younger one not only refuses to sleep unless he’s heard a story every night, but he’s fussy with it. He interrupts, demands a change of subject if it’s too scary, and a change of characters if they are girls or don’t appeal for some other reason. His exasperated brother responds with a smorgasbord of his own inventions and classic fairy tales retold, interspersed with increasingly desperate narrative ploys to get the younger one off to sleep. The traditional bedtime story is enlivened by the antics of the boys as each negotiates to get what he wants.
Sketches by Alkis Oulkeroglou alternate between bird’s eye views of the brothers and scenes from the stories.

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