Seven Strange Little Festive Stories, Seven
 Christos Boulotis

Polaris, 2010
ISBN: 978-960-6829-23-9

Greeting cards designed in the 1920s inspired Christos Boulotis to spin stories from small details. From a group of children, the author focuses on a little girl delivering mail. Singling out the notion of letters, he creates Mr Leonardo, who loves sending and receiving correspondence and who writes his own strange tales. Wishes are sometimes granted: a story that just won’t come writes itself while Leonardo sleeps off a drinking bout. A fir forest that is bored with its remote location gets to travel. Dreams work magic too, transforming the fate of two stray cats shivering on a chilly Christmas night on opposite sides of the world in 1920.
Love saves a tattered toy clown from oblivion in a chest full of discarded playthings. Courage and imagination save three walnuts on the festive table from being eaten, and what looks like a disappointing gift from Santa repays closer inspection.

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