At the End of Illusion
 Christoforos Liontakis

Kastaniotis, 2010
ISBN: 978-960-03-5133-0

At the End of Illusion extols an unbridled squandering of life that may cause heart-rending loss of love but may also flood existence with light. A lyrical devotee of beauty, Christoforos Liontakis creates gardens of ecstatic wanderings with his verse. He brings the lofty and noble together with the common and the well worn in poems that employ both the language of abstraction and everyday subject matter.
Passion forces its way to the surface to shock the I of the poem and engage in mortal battle with the Other, who is willing to abandon everything on a whim. These are poems of heartbreak and desertion, minor laments for a love that may never be requited, remaining suspended in a vacuum forever.
The passionate outcry never becomes the introversion of wounded narcissism; on the contrary, it derives from deprivation and defeat the means for a stronger vision of the world.

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