Mauve econ
 Fivos Botsis

Melani, 2010
ISBN: 978-960-6781-80-3

Fivos Botsis pares back language and condenses images to pack an emotional punch in this collection of short stories. The death of a beloved grandmother causes inconsolable anguish; friends long estranged by mutual bitterness meet again; a librarian takes care of a young actress; a son kills his father to take his pension. A soldier dies of drug abuse; a family man is humiliated by his sexual aberrations; three friends disappear off the face of the earth for no reason. A shopkeeper tries to save a young man from a savage beating; a clown commits suicide from happiness.
There are stories about young people trapped by their age in a dull environment; stories of obstruction, corruption and complete failure, that play out in a neorealist or naturalistic atmosphere. And there are stories based either on monologues or on ostensible dialogues that end up being monologues.

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