Kostas Hatziantoniou

Ideogramma, 2009
ISBN: 978-960-7158-51-2

A doctor and his daughter, who is an artist, meet a defrocked priest and an outlaw in Agrigento, Sicily, where their fates become entwined in the strangest way. Although the book is set in the present, it also delves into the ancient past – ¬¬the history of ancient Acragas – as seen through the philosophy of Empedocles. Shunning stereotyped views of Sicily, the author fashions a landscape in which everything moves round myth and dream and history. Alongside images from the world of organized crime, he presents aspects of a profoundly poetic solitude. The characters function as symbols of the struggle to attain personal freedom and self-knowledge.
Love plays a redemptive role, and it may signal the beginning of a completely different and promising life.
An action-packed plot holds the reader’s attention to the last page.

Copyright: Hatziantoniou Kostas & Ideogramma
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106 80 Athens