My Name is Europe
 Gazmend Kapllani

Livanis, 2010
ISBN: 978-960-14-2163-6

An Athens-based Albanian immigrant who writes in Greek speaks about the experiences of migrants in a place that he has come to know inside out. Gazmend Kapllani studied at a Greek university and writes a column about migration issues in a leading Athenian daily, where he touches on everyday instances of racism.
The book travels back and forth in time, using the future to highlight some of today’s hot topics. When the hero returns to Albania in the not so distant future, he finds it has become a migrant reception country, which, like other economically powerful countries, views migrants with suspicion and revulsion.
My Name is Europe contains elements of several genres, falling somewhere between essay, newspaper column, travel chronicle and a novel that tackles social and political themes.
It shows how, from Athens to Tirana and London, migration can abolish borders while new walls continue to rise between peoples and cultures.

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