Stories for Curious Children
 Christos Boulotis
Illustrator: Vassilis Papatsarouhas

Ellinika Grammata, 2009
ISBN: 978-960-19-0364-4

Welcoming tricky questions that adults often try to duck, Christos Boulotis shows what might happen if you ate too many leaves, swallowed a melon seed or listened at too many keyholes. When Maria the eavesdropper’s ear grows into a mighty cone, the remedy is to eat locusts, old shoe soles and French nettles. Alekos cuts a hole in the sky with his grandmother’s scissors to see what’s behind it. When Marko tries to fish his fortune out from his grandmother’s teacup he reels in a scaly green dragon, a witch, a crab and Maria’s ear. Giorgos and Aliki get trapped in the workings of their father’s clock collection when they investigate what makes the 68 timekeepers tick. Inside an aquarium to see what it’s like being a fish, George starts growing scales.
Vasilis Papatsarouhas’s illustrations complement imaginative anecdotes where characters sometimes make cameo appearances in each other’s adventures.

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