Von Kourabies versus Count Melamakaronis
 Kyriakos Haritos
Daniela Stamatiadi

Metaichmio, 2009
ISBN: 978-960-455-655-6

Every year at Christmas there’s a mighty showdown at the cake shops between the kourabiedes (little cakes dusted with caster sugar) and the melomakarona (made with honey). Their leaders, Von Kourabies and Count Melomakaronis respectively, put the troops through rigorous training, which includes a lot of foolish war cries. This year the annual punch-up takes a surprise turn when a sudden snowstorm makes the leaders disappear. The two adversaries get lost in a forest, far from home. From force of habit, they resume hostilities until they realise that they have to co-operate if they want to get home. They do meet characters that are prepared to help them, but for a price. By the time they arrive home, having traded all their ingredients for directions and assistance, the two leaders are no more than nondescript lumps of dough. Daniela Stamatiadi’s playful illustrations reflect the spirit of Kyriakos Haritos’s story.

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