When the Ball has Wild Dreams
 Christos Boulotis
Illustrator: Fotini Stefanidi

Estia, 2005
ISBN: 960-05-1196-9

Text and image match to perfection in When the Ball has Wild Dreams, a picture book written by Christos Boulotis and illustrated by Fotini Stefanidi. A tale of transformation begins when a red ball with spots dreams of becoming something else. In the magical world of this book, wishes come true in satisfying ways, and a teddy bear that wants to fly becomes a kite-fish. Interleaved half-pages open out to follow successive changes into a piglet, a flower, a watermelon and a mouse that has stuffed itself with melon until its stomach is as round as a ball.
Playfulness is the keynote here, and a call to the imagination to take flight and engage with all kinds of possibilities. There is no neat ending either, no return to the mundane, so young readers are encouraged to take the idea and run with it, exploring their own capacity for freewheeling invention.

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