Polaroid Μemory
 Marlena Politopoulou

Metaichmio, 2009
ISBN13: 978-960-455-553-6

Rummaging among his father’s files, an architect who does research for the police, learns of a chef murdered thirty years earlier, in 1976. The mauled body was found in a provincial railway tunnel; the police never identified the killer or the motive. The architect, whose own father was murdered while on duty shortly before he was due to retire, feels an obligation to unravel the old case. His investigation takes him to villages in Thessaly and the Sporades islands, where he finds the traces of a political tragedy rooted in the civil war. He discovers not only the perpetrators but also victims whose existence had not even been suspected. Polaroid Μemorycombines the mystery of a double murder with the political past of a society that has not yet disentangled itself from multi-layered guilt. Avoiding old stereotypes, Marlena Politopoulou has a highly original contemporary take on the civil war.

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