I’d Like
 Amanda Michalopoulou

Kastaniotis, 2005
ISBN: 960-03-4014-5

Thirteen short stories play into an over-arching narrative in Amanda Michalopoulou’s I’d Like. As always in her adult fiction, Michalopoulou undercuts the veracity of the narrative with alternative slants that set events and people in different lights. Motifs recur – a red beret, a porcelain cat, almond blossom – in new guises, and characters reappear in other roles. The narrator, Stella, is an artist attempting to make sense of her unhappy childhood in a broken family and the demands of love and career by fashioning them into a novel that never gets written. Her endeavour to weave past and present material into a coherent narrative mirrors the author’s ongoing fascination with the proper subject matter of art and how it reinterprets the world. Humorous and melancholic – verging at times on the surreal – the stories offer multiple takes on the world before coalescing into a broader picture in the final story, ‘Orchestral.’

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