Long, Long Ago
 Petros Markaris

Gavriilidis, 2008
ISBN13: 978-960-336-350-7

A Greek and a Turkish police officer collaborate in Istanbul on an investigation into serial crimes committed by an elderly woman from the Pontus. Petros Markaris, who was born and grew up in Istanbul, puts his famous Inspector Haritos to work with a Turkish counterpart who has come back home after living in Germany for many years. Combining detective fiction with the social and political underpinning of the classic novel, Markaris traces the misfortunes of the Greeks of Istanbul during the twentieth century, never concealing their conflicts and shortcomings. Long, Long Ago portrays the problems of the Greeks who live in Istanbul and those facing Turkish migrants in Germany. It is a game of contrasts, as cultures communicate in a cosmopolitan city with a vast variety of people. Intrigue and action are colored by everyday routine and customs in a city the author knows like the back of his hand.

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