Small Diary of Borders
 Gazmend Kapllani

Livanis, 2006
ISBN: 960-14-1226-3
ISBN13: 978-960-14-1226-9

Albanian-born Gazmend Kapllani crossed the border into Greece in 1991 and has lived in Athens for the past 15 years. His book records how that move set an indelible imprint on his life. He depicts the fate of migrants today in Greece, a country which just 50 years ago experienced its own mass emigration, but where incomers now find people only too ready to blame them for society’s ills.
In a stark tale leavened by humour and self-irony, Kapllani writes about the experience of the border as an immensely high wall encircling an endless prison but also as the horizon of absolute freedom. Alternating chapters first record the struggles he and his fellow-migrants encounter with Greek bureaucracy, then reflect on the fate of migrants in general.
An Albanian writer who has chosen Greek as his means of expression, Kapllani addresses readers both within and beyond the borders of his native and adopted countries.

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