American Fugue
 Alexis Stamatis

Kastaniotis, 2006
ISBN: 960-03-4217-2

A Greek writer who is daunted by the chaos of failure accepts an invitation to a literary programme in the United States, setting off a series of events that bring about dramatic changes in his life. On a journey into the desert he has a fateful encounter with someone who offers him a completely new perspective on everything.
Alexis Stamatis’s latest novel is a mystery and a road story set in striking landscapes that are subtly evoked. The story turns on the hunting down of the hero, who is subjected to threats from every direction. As the plot unfolds the author maintains a constant current of suspense.
The hero’s pursuit and flight reveal both internal and external aspects of America, which, although they seem markedly different on the surface, are in reality profoundly intertwined.
American Fugue is a novel about the past, memory and the search for identity.

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