Filippos Filippou
 New York: Summer and Loneliness, Issue No 8
Circle of Death, Issue No 28
The Man That Women Loved, Issue No 53

Filippos Filippou was born in Corfu in 1948. He spent most of his time from 1968 to 1982 travelling on cargo ships, where he worked as a mechanic. He lives in Athens and has published eleven books, two of which relate to life at sea: The Lovers of the Sea or The Book of the Unknown Sailor and a study: Nikos Kavvadias the Civilian.
Four of his books are detective fiction, and two of them feature journalist Tilemachos Leontaris, who investigates dark crimes in the course of his work.
Filippos Filippou has published short stories, essays, literary criticism and articles on international issues in newspapers and periodicals in Athens and Thessaloniki.