Issue No 34, April 2008
Floating City
Maro Douka
A passionate affair beset by contradiction
Charybdis’ Dog
Vassilis Amanatidis
Charybdis’ Dog: A surreal, irrational universe
Life as a Journey
Dionysis Magliveras
Non fiction essays
Reflections on contemporary issues
Panic in Geometry Land
Eugene Trivizas
Illustrator: Vassilis Papatsarouhas
Children´s book
A humorous take on the nightmares of geometry
The Numbers in the Greek National Gallery
Eleni Geroulanou
Children´s book
Simple, beautiful, effective match of art and numbers
Exploring Greece
Editor: Aikaterini Koumarianou
Editor: Fani Kostantinidou
Non fiction albums
Exploring Greece: Photographs 1898-1913: A kaleidoscopic view
Greek Historical Settlements
Dimitris Philippides
Translator: David Hardy
Photographer: Nikos Desyllas
Non fiction albums
The essence of mainland Greece in photographs