International Poetry Day

Since 2001 EKEBI has been a dynamic participant in events celebrating World Poetry Day in Greece to encourage a dialogue between cultures via poetry and to disseminate poetry to the general public. The events at the Athens Concert Hall and the Byzantine Museum and the well-established campaign of displaying poetry on public transport systems have been very popular with the general public and have ensured that World Poetry Day is a well-established event in Greece and has helped disseminate poetry throughout the country.
Brief history: In 1998 the Society of Writers introduced Poetry Day and chose 21 March, the spring equinox, as the date for the event. In 2001, on a recommendation from the president of the Society of Writers, Ambassador Vasilis Vassilikos, UNESCO adopted World Poetry Day and assigned Greece the task of organising the first international celebration. EKEBI undertook to implement that decision and since then has been involved in the celebrations every year.