Authors and illustrators at schools

General Information

In collaboration with the Hellenic Authors' Society, the Greek Children’s Book Association, Aesopus Children’s & Teenager’s Book Illustration Association and Greek publishers, the National Book Centre invites authors and illustrators to visit school pupils to develop a creative dialogue between them, opening up new horizons for them concerning books and literature.

During the 2007-2008 school year, 400 visits to schools, libraries and universities around the country were arranged, attended by around 25,000 pre-school, primary, junior and senior high school pupils and university students. The teacher or librarian taking part in the programme prepares for the author or illustrator’s visit. Preparation involves reading some of the author’s works to the pupils, searching for his works in the school or public library, working on specific themes, and comparing authors or illustrators from the same general category. The programme can involve part or all of a school class (up to 50 people) which ensures that communication is both direct and the interaction creative.Visits by authors or illustrators to schools consist of three stages:

  • preparation for the visit
  • communication and interaction with pupils
  • follow-up activities after the visit

Each author or illustrator is free to choose the subject he will present. However, it is useful to decide on this with the teacher so that pupil interest can be guaranteed. As part of the programme to support authors and illustrators, EKEBI subsidises a number of school visits each year covering travel and accommodation expenses, and providing symbolic remuneration for the author or illustrator.

For publishers:

The list of authors and illustrators in the programme is being added to all the time. If any of your authors / illustrators are interested in joining the programme, please put them in contact with us.


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