Objectives and activities

 The law establishing EKEBI states that its purpose is to implement national policy to promote books and reading. 

As an organisation reporting to the Ministry of Culture, EKEBI takes numerous initiatives and actions and runs special programmes to bolster the book sector overall and all key players in the chain leading to the creation of a book: authors, translators, illustrators, editors, publishers, typographers, booksellers, librarians, literary agents, critics and of course readers.  

Its objective is to play a coordinating role among these players, to create new structures to support books, to offer information and support the players involved, to record new developments in the sector and to make a substantive contribution to establishing a friendly environment for people from the world of books. 

EKEBI's priorities are:

  • fostering book reading in Greece
  • promoting and marketing Greek books abroad
  • recording what's going on in the sector (via the Book Observatory).

EKEBI has run 40 programmes since 2004, progressively year by year.